Living with a Joshaphobe

Last Updated: 4/14/04

What is a Joshaphobe?

A Joshaphobe is someone who hates Josh Groban or is threatened by him. Case in point, if I play my Josh CD's, my mother will say one of the following:
"He's not that talented!"
"You're obsessed with that kid!
"Robyn loves Josh Groban! (not said in a nice way!)
"Turn that #$$#@%@#$ thing off!!

Why are some people Joshaphobes?

1. They are not mentally well.
2. They are tone deaf.
3. They are singers who feel threatened (like my mother).
4. They are closet Joshophiles.
5. They like to belittle others to make themselves feel better (extremely common).
6. They are ignorant (haven't heard much of his singing).
7. They lack any sense of culture (hate foreign languages and/or certain types of music).
8. They expect him to be perfect instead of embracing his minuscule flaws far overshadowed by the rest of him. Nobody is perfect but he's a lot "closer" than most of us!

How do Joshophiles deal with Joshaphobes?

1. Try ignoring them.
2. Wear headphones or only play CD's when they're not there.
3. If you are in a higher position in the household, play the CD's until they have no choice but to convert.
4. Sing the songs quietly inside your head.
5. Find a new family.

Copyright 2004 Robyn Rhudy