12 Step Program for Joshaholics

Last Updated: 4/15/04

12 Steps

1. Limit yourself to playing each CD twice in a row (not three times like me).

2. Get seats in the back of the concert hall so you're so far away that Josh is just a dot. That way, you don't feel you are so close but so far as you would if you could actually tell it was him.

3. Play crappy music over and over until l'Oceano stops repeating in your head 24/7.

4. Realize you're probably not even in Josh's age group and so you're not getting married! (If you are, run don't walk!).

5. Make a web site about Josh to get it out of your system (my choice).

6. Refrain from strangling any Josh detractors (yes, we know; they're insane).

7. Limit your Friends of Josh Groban forum explorations to an hour a day (I said, "Get back to work!!!).

8. Stop kissing those photos! Yes, you!

9. As you attempt to sing along in Italian, admit you have no idea what you're saying! (If you do, lucky you; you'll need professional help for your affliction).

10. When you hear a song, stop imaging how it would sound if Josh sang it (you already know, amazing!).

11. "Refrain from wearing your Fanclub T-shirt everyday...understand that it needs to be washed at some point, no matter how much it calls out your name!" (Provided by Maddy, 4/9/04. Maddy, you need to buy more Josh shirts so one is being washed while you wear the other!)

12. Give it up! You're addicted for life! Learn to live with your affliction!

Any more ideas? Contact Me.

Here are some additional ideas sent by other Joshaholics:

13. "Try to limit your showers with Josh's music to when your family is not home. My hubby was outside working and said the neighbor and he could both hear it. How embarrassing. Oh well, they will just have to get over it themselves." - Angela, 4/9/04. (Robyn: They should be embarrassed that THEY didn't know the lyrics!)

14. "One suggestion is keep telling yourself that his looks are only superficial and some day he will be an old wrinkly man." - Joan, 4/9/04. (Robyn: Make that a beautiful old wrinkly man!)

15. "Stop searching on E-bay for tickets to a concert for which you have tickets already." - Alissa, 4/13/04.

Copyright 2004 Robyn Rhudy