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Last Updated: 1/2/07

You will notice this page is pretty empty! The reason is that there are many sites with biography information on Josh. They know more than I do. Plus, I'm really busy right now. So, maybe I will add more stuff here later but for now, it's pretty bare.

I was going to put stuff in here but then felt I'd be "stealing" it from others. Here is one good link with Josh Stats.

If you have other sections of sites I should link to, let me know.

Josh Winslow Groban's Birthday is 2/27/81.

Dark blue and black are his favorites colors hence my button index is done in blue!
Josh is the king of "popera."

Here are some things that I, Robyn Rhudy, have in common with Josh Groban:

We are both highly intelligent (but don't always feel that way), very creative, and overly eclectic.
We are both computer geeks.
We both love music of many kinds and can feel it when listening or singing.
Neither of us had a date to the prom.
We both often talk too fast!
We both have double jointed thumbs. My knees and arms are too.
We both have slightly crooked bottom teeth. I think they help with singing too!
We are both tall (I am 5' 7"; he is 5' 11").
We both have poor vision and require glasses or contacts to see.
We both possess a dry wit and humor with a dash of sarcasm.
We are both shy when confronted with individual people but have both performed in front of crowds (for me though, only a few hundred as a magician as a teen and later a speaker).
We are our own worst critics!
We both just want to happy and are kids at heart, and his music helps us.
We both love the Simpsons! I've been watching since it was on the Tracy Ulman show.
We both love animals! Josh has two dogs although Max recently left this cruel world and hopefully is having fun somewhere. I have a zoo!
I bought a Toyota Prius in December of 2006. Josh said in an interview around that time that he wants to trade in his BMW for one as well! He was inspired by Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."
In that same interview, Josh said he would take a date to the - zoo! Sounds like my kind of guy! Too bad he would want nothing to do with me even if he knew me!

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