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Official Pages:

Josh Groban Main Page:
Visit Josh Groban's

Friends of Josh Groban (FoJG):

Josh Groban "Old" Page

Grobanites for Charity - donate to Josh's favorite charity (not yet named)

Josh's My Space Site - listen to his music and do My Space stuff.


PBS interview - 2004

"Interview in Bed" - 2002?

Radio Interview 12/5/01 - a long 22 minute interview from when he was just starting where you can learn a lot about Josh. He does a funny impression of Bill Clinton.

You Tube of Josh singing the "panda song" - this cannot be missed! You Tube has other Josh videos too.

Josh and Celine - singing "The Prayer," my favorite!

Also, see the official sites above for music and videos of Josh and his amazing voice.

Fan Pages:

Grobania - includes lots of stuff, an e-mail list, and a page of additional links at this page.

Groban Archives - has tons of articles, reviews, and Josh-related links and things

Josh Groban Shrine

Josh Site - I did not realize it until I did a search for "Joshaholic" after my site was up but someone else has done something similar. They have a lot of funny stuff on their page as well so check it out! It does seem more geared towards members of FoJG than my generic Joshy stuff. Their Josh dictionary is a must- read! I can't find who runs the site! One of my favorites is from their "You Know You're a Joshaholic When..." where they say, "Your CD collection needs dusting because the only thing you've listen(ed) to since you bought it is Josh's CD."

I always like to see photos of the famous when they're not in the photo shoot sort of mind-set. Someone mentioned a link to their photos of Josh at a radio station on 4/5/04 in NJ, and they show he more like he normally is. Here is the link.

Susan asked me to put a link into her Josh Groban Forums site.

That Josh Groban - Nay's site; excellent for video and audio clips of Josh! Her banner is below.

That Josh Groban Guy

Our Josh - a fan site run by a man. Everyone with taste loves Josh!

The Groban News Network - Josh News and Media

Concert Reviews:

Seattle - 1/25/04.

Mercury News - 1/30/04.

London Free Press - 2/17/04.

Washington Post - 3/29/04.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 4/1/04.

Tenneseean - 4/22/04.

"Josh Groban Brings His Classy Sound to Tampa, Orlando" - The Ledger, 1/21/05; a great article.

Groban's Voice Charms - PJ Star, 3/4/05.

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