Information about Robyn and Joshaholicville

Last Updated: 10/14/04

Who is Robyn?

I am a female born in 1972. I'm therefore 8 years and 5 months older than Josh. My life revolves around my animals, fish, and ponds. For more about me, see the section about me on my main web site here. I speak English and French. My mother's has done local acting and singing so I've seen a lot of opera and musicals. I'm an analytical chemist (yes, boring!!).

If you want to e-mail me, see my contact page. Put Josh in the subject as I get a TON of e-mail off my main web site!

My Friends of Josh Groban ID is Fishy.

Here is a page with photos of Robyn.

My Josh page lists some things he and I have in common!

How did Robyn come to love Josh Groban?

I was an avid watcher of "Ally McBeal" so I saw both his performances on that show years ago. That first time, I could feel for the character he played since I too have been an outcast who has yet to be asked on a date. When he started to sing, a lump built up in my throat. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I normally don't take the time to re-watch things but I watched him sing a few more times. I wish I'd saved the tape. I could tell he was lip syncing which is standard for taping shows so I assumed it wasn't really him singing! Then, somewhere I read about him (maybe TV Guide) so when he sang the second time on there, I knew it was him. Then, I found out about his first album and bought that. I liked it but, at the time, was not addicted to it. I joined the mailing list on his site. When "Closer" came out, I pre-ordered it from Amazon (only to later find out that a fan internet edition had four other songs which is why on 4/3/04, I joined FriendsofJoshGroban to get some money off there). Then, when I did my weekly tank and aquarium chores, I'd play it, and play it, and play it like four times in one day! I found it to be addictive and amazing. When I found out about the concert here in Baltimore, I wanted to go of course!

My mother got me tickets back in the Fall of 2003 at the pre-pre-sale for the 3/29/04 show at the Lyric in Baltimore. We couldn't even get seats near each other. I later found out, once the open- to-the-public pre-sale went into effect the next day, they were sold out in 10 minutes. When we got there, we found we got worse seats than we thought but they were okay. The music started, and it was way too loud! Then, Josh starting singing L'Oceano from behind a white sheet curtain. Anyway, the concert was great (but too loud). I had to refrain from crying and singing along (okay, I did for a few seconds!). My favorite part was when he sang the song he co-wrote and played the piano. My mother liked Lucia Micarelli, his violinist. She didn't like him. She thinks he's "mediocre" and has no variation in his type of singing. So, I have to play the CD's when she's not home!

I joined FriendsofJoshGroban on 4/3/04. There are a lot of problems with their e-mail and forum system and communicating with them but I think it was worth it to join. Aside from the shirt and calendar I haven't gotten yet (and may never), they have an active forum, news, a store, and lots of video and music that's not elsewhere and money off on store items.

Blah, blah, blah, I'm sure I could go on about how Joshy's music has affected me and how I love each song for whatever reason and how he's so cute and sweet but it would take too much time!

Why Make Joshaholicville?

Since I'm addicted to him now and surrounded by his detractors, I decided to set up this site, in hopes of reducing my addiction to a manageable level. I have other things to do you know! It seems to have worked somewhat!

Update 10/14/04: I am over my addiction phase but still love Josh of course. I do not play his music as often now since I've heard it so much! I think I've memorized most of it. I and other Grobanites desperately need some new songs!

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